I have been a USAA member for almost two decades and have utilized variety of member services, benefits, and products. After years as a member of AAA for roadside, towing, and other vehicle emergency services I decided not renew my annual membership. On February 17th I truly regret that decision after having the worse experience with trying to get assistance from the USAA contractor AJARO (sp). It took over 6 hours to get the right tow company with the correct equipment to deal with a lock out situation I had with BMW. Between the lengthy waits to speak to someone at a call center to the inefficient manner that important information was erroneously not passed through electronic notes the experience was like no other I have had when dealing with USAA. I am at a loss for words to see that so many others have had far worse experiences with this service and it has not been addressed by USAA leadership. May be it has but I plan to find out and continue pursuing this major concern I have with this sub contractor. In the mean time I have already renewed my AAA membership because I have a wife and teenaged daughter that I MUST be sure will have a reliable roadside service available


I also had a bad experience with the tow service. I was on hold to talk to an agent for an 1hr. It was ridiculous. I fixed my car and went to a nearby place to eat end then the tow truck driver called me. To let me know he was on his way. I was so disgusted I didn't answer the call. I told USAA what happen and thy wanted me to call another line and let them know so they could improve there process. Never again.. I will check into AAA.