MY STORY about my life is really depressing I probably can write a book if am a writer can probably make some money.anyway yes I am so glad happy that usaa let me open my own account.cozy really for24 yearsbeing married too my 3 Husband I never havean account he took careour money financial everything becaus e I love him and trusted Hims completely.I t never go to my mind that he will leave me.I wasnt. Expecting .Until I realized whatwas going on to our marriage.Havesomething to do with his mother that's all I can say so thank you usaa for helping me open my own account.t even I don't have. much money. To save. I know someday. It will come God will alway see am oks I have good hurt. That's what. I think my friends take advantage of me but for now am gong toay high school to get diloma am 56 yrs old I don't care. Thatswhat I shroud do before instead working 2 job while my husband at vcollege


This a story all women should heed. As my grandmother used to say a women should always have something stuffed away in the corner of her handkerchief. It's not being dishonest,,,just being prepared. If those of the old school remember mom or grandma always had something tucked away for the things yet to come.