I am highly disappointed with USAA Property Insurance and slowly USAA as a whole. I have paid for renters insurance for the last 3 years without ever missing a payment. But now that I need the coverage it's not there.


Before my move I specifically contacted and informed USAA that I was doing a PPM/DITY Move for my PCS from VA to OK. I was renting a PODS/Trailer (UPACK) to ship my HH Goods. Asked if my rental insurance would cover damage or theft to my HH Goods or if I need additional insurance from the carrier for the move. Was told on 2 occasions that I was covered. Trusting USAA I didn't get the additional insurance, something I am going to regret for far a while.


Post move with several damage and stolen items, I am now being told that none of my damaged HS Goods is covered and I am pretty much "SOL". Was told that it was on me to read the contract in detail before my move. How hard would it have been to be honest and upfront. I had the money to buy the added insurance but didnt because I trusted a USAA rep. Perhaps the onus is on me to read the entire contract word for word. But apperently calling the property insurance reps directly to verify coverage was a mistake.  


Nevertheless, this experience and others in the past has seriously eroded my trust in this company and is currently looking at other banks to move everything I have with USAA. I have long been a supporter of USAA through personal testimonials in the past. Unfortunately, I will no longer recommend this company to any of my peers or subordinates. Thanks for the unforgettable experience.


I am right there with you!  USAA seems to be growing bigger and more impersonal with each new year.  


Customer Service has done a complete about face when compared to when I first switched ALL of my insurance needs over to USAA several years ago.  A recent phone conversation consisted of the rep trying to strong-arm me into signing a Consent to Rate form despite being unable to tell me about (it essentially allows an insurer to charge 250% of the NC Standard Premium Rate) and then as I reviewed my policy, he told me that many of my policy features were unusable or SHOULDN'T be used for fear of rate increases.


It looks like I am now being forced to switch back to Nationwide because USAA customer service has already pre-emptively begun cancelling my homeowners' policy and my future policy is now NON-EXISTENT.  Of course, I was once again pressured to sign the Consent to Rate form and fax it to USAA immediately.  My Nationwide quote came in $1 under the NC Std Premium rate and with discounts dropped another $120 - my USAA policy premium actually INCREASED 15% from last year.  Very disappointing!