Is there anyone out there that isn’t a left wing socialists? Am I the only one embarrassed & sees the corruption, lies & bending facts of the fascist socialist whom have destroyed our political, justice & media to push their agenda? This probably won’t get posted & I will be labeled a trader but 3rd generational vet. 


Oh, it got posted alright. Have a nice day.

This is not the place for personal petty political comments, this is for member to duscuss issues about their accounts.

I have a lie for ya, "Once this transition is complete, accounts will be available at Schwab on Tuesday May 26, 2020."


Looks like their company's firewall blocks online forums, but doesn't block banking forums. I guess that's one way to get around the firewall. :)  

I have not had an issue, works GREAT !!!!!!!!

You're not alone.

Most of America agrees with you, it's just that the media says otherwise.  All of this traces back to the Chinese Communist Party - they have engaged in public-image/psychological, media, and legal warfare against us and all free nations for over 20 years.  This is the result.

pm777.  Lots of politically charged words such as, "left wing", "socialist", "fascist", "trader" (I think you meant traitor), etc.  Not sure what any of it meant as I could not garner any meaningful content about your diatribe.  It seemed to come down to a spew of ranting political & fear based banter.  Living in a democratic society, everyone has free speech-you too!  Hateful, propaganda jargon is not useful or beneficial to a healthy society.  It's so easy to do and does nothing to make us better.  You can do better.  

Agree, a ranting memoir of SPEWING retoric of non-facts, and basing thier SPEWING on "it is on the web" by some lonely, single, talks to them self, unbathed small person with no life is all they have to hang on.