pm777.  Lots of politically charged words such as, "left wing", "socialist", "fascist", "trader" (I think you meant traitor), etc.  Not sure what any of it meant as I could not garner any meaningful content about your diatribe.  It seemed to come down to a spew of ranting political & fear based banter.  Living in a democratic society, everyone has free speech-you too!  Hateful, propaganda jargon is not useful or beneficial to a healthy society.  It's so easy to do and does nothing to make us better.  You can do better.  

Agree, a ranting memoir of SPEWING retoric of non-facts, and basing thier SPEWING on "it is on the web" by some lonely, single, talks to them self, unbathed small person with no life is all they have to hang on. much potential for people to laugh at you and try to talk you off the edge.  But simply laughing at you serves no purpose.  And really...why "talk you off the edge"?   You'd just go back and initiate more stooopidity rantings.   What is you favorite "dress uniform"?   The red MAGAT cap, or white sheet?   Dissecting your ill-informed rant is a waste of time.   But the only "traders" here [ likely meant "traitors"] are folks of your mindset who attempted.....not very well....but an commit insurrection on 6 Jan 2021.   And yes, there was an insurrection, regardles how futile and stooopid.   Quickest way to prove that is to review the charging documents for the 500+ idjuts arrested, charged, jailed, and punished so far.   They have two things in common: 18 US CODE AND 40 US CODE.  Two codes [that means "law" to the uneducated] that encompass the various charges and specifications covering insurrection, violence, and associated acts that took place that day.   It's an easy attack against others to throw out terms like "socialist" and "trader" [I got a good chuckle on that one, little one] because real patriots and honorable Americans react to those dog whistles.   But there is one itty-bitty thing about "socialists" that you forget: there are a lot of "SOCIALISTS" out there with a common history: "socialists" like Russia, China, and those insurrectionists who are attempting to damage or destroy America attack this Republic every day.   So your buds...and perhaps you....attack this Republic and its people; attempting to injure or destroy an essentially great nation.   If you ARE a veteran, not here hanging onto the coat tails of a veteran, you insult yourself, every real patriot, and real veteran who is a USAA member.  So go away, snowflke.  Your comments are as boring and childlike as they are indicating an uneducated mind.   But funny...very funny...and leave your mental state questionable.   

Thank you, oldesoldier. 

TY. Well stated. You are not alone!

The Veterans Administration has excellent mental health resources. Please seek the help you so seriously need.