We currently have a loan on a car through a finance group other than USAA. We currently have orders overseas and we are trying to get the paperwork saying they will let us take the car. However, they want us to pay 6 months upfront and it has been a complete run around trying to get this letter and trying to find out if the 6 months payment upfront can be waived. We are considering refinancing through USAA because we have heard (and from some experience) how great USAA is. Would it be ok to refinance this close to moving and will USAA give us a runaround to get the lien holder authorization letter as well?


Hello and thank you for your inquiry concerning a permission letter to ship your vehicle overseas. If your vehicle is refinanced with us we can provide an overseas permission letter / lien holder letter at the time of loan closing provided loan documents required to fund must be on file before we can complete your request. Also the permission letter to ship your vehicle overseas cannot be more than 30 days from your shipping date. We look forward to assisting you with your refinancing and thank you for considering us! - Darrell