I called into USAA after being laid off to cancel my auto pay for one month, made payment arrangements after seeing my check would be here on time, needless to say it wasn't cancelled my account was overdrawn 29.00 I called USAA and was told that I never asked for my auto pay to be cancelled and will not be refunded my overdraft. So I feel I was called a lier over 29.00 really. Been a member since 96. I'm will not renew. Then I logged on looked in my documents to find a letter where it said that my auto pay had in fact been cancelled and to call my payment in.


Don't leave. Call back and ask for a supervisor and escalate the conversation and get your fee refunded.
Leave, USAA is nothing more than a bunch of crooks and liars. They have the worst customer service ever, the worst lending ever, I have been with them for so long and am canceling everything with them. Worst bank and insurance company ever!!!!

Leave, USAA just ruined my credit for a$1.16 debt on a SECURED credit card. They will not remove it, even though its been paid. Banks in my area would not even have reported it and the one that would have said they would have sent in a letter of deletion once it was paid because there is no reason to screw over a customer for one dollar and sixteen cents.