Leaving USAA after 24 Years as member//USAA IS THE WORST

USAA screwed us on hail-damage claim for our roof. They found every excuse in the world to not pay, despite 3 other adjusters saying the roof needed to be replaced. The contractors told me USAA never pays out in this area and they are the worst company to do business with. All their rhetoric about service and loyalty is not worth a f@rt in a mason jar. Don't waste your time trying to work up the chain of command with these reptiles. The CEO's complaint team blew sunshine up my @$$ for two days and then still denied my claim. Btw, 24 years of membership meant nothing to these scumbags. As a result, they lost my and my family's property insurance (I got a better rate with GEICP), auto insurance (GEICO), investments, and banking. Also, I told my employees I will no longer reimburse their travel if they use a USAA card for it, nor will I deposit any paychecks into USAA accounts. All this for what amounted to just over a $10,000 claim. Way to go morons!! I'm sure USAA will take this post down here, but the damage to their reputation is already on my social media accounts, and the complaint with the state insurance office is already filed. Don't be fools: ditch USAA while you still have the chance.



Unrelated and in another area of the the company IMCO I am experiencing issues and am awaiting substnative response from teh CEO complaint team.  With that said - regarding not depositing payroll into a USAA account - I would caution you to be careful as that may violate employment law.  I cerainly understand your frustration.

I, too, understand your frustration. However, it appears you may have employees whose experience with USAA is different. You seem to have a vendetta going now against USAA. That's up to you. But why punish, in effect, your employees who may be satisfied with their USAA experience? You are not hurting or inconveniencing USAA, but you are doing this to employees who probably are doing their best for your business. Why not consider doing the same for them?
I have always known USAA to be Fair and Ethical! On your claim, the problem may be your contractor. An independent adjuster could have worked with USAA on your part. I must say as a 40 year member, I have never had a problem that was not resolved, but feel that USAA has consistently treated me better than Nationwide, Farmers, BOA or other competitors. Overall they have had growing pains with more need to escalate calls from first tier, but this company still operates ethically and tries to do better for members!