The customer service is beyond amazing. I seriously have no complaints. Recently, I was rear ended and when I called to give a heads up the guy who helped was simply amazing. His tone of voice was comforting and he was so helpful. Then the other insurance company were being jerks and very unhelpful. I called USAA told them what happened and they stepped right in and took over for me! I also had my wedding ring stolen and was devastated. USAA made the whole process so much easier for me and they were compassionate the whole time. I ended up being able to replace my ring with their help.


Thank you USAA for your people and all the good that you do!


You're welcome! Those are two stressful experiences that really could have been a pain to work through. It's so great to hear that our folks stepped up to the plate and made it a breeze for you. Thanks for being a part of the USAA family. 

I've been with USAA since 1963,  and investing with USAA since around '05.  I have a couple of problems with them that are recurring.  They "update" their investment programs, which should be helpful.  However, there's always glitches.  My most recent two were not being able to update a stock bid; and not being able to effect a buy order.


These are just typical problems, and the first thing they usually say is that I should quit my Safari program.  I think Safari is better than the upddated programs offered, and I imagine a lot of people feel the same.


When I tried to take the survey to complain, the auto program is so limited, that the only option I have is to complain about the last person I talked to.  Of course, that person (as all of their people are) is doing their job.  The problem is with their programming, not the people.  And there is no option to make complaints there.  So why have an auto system?


The techs need to make sure the programs they're adding should be workable for all--