While I was born after the Korean War, my gift of USAA started before WWII. My Father enlisted in the Army in 1936, shortly after Pearl Harbor, he was recommended by his Post Commander to go to Officer Candidate School. He fought in North Africa and was wounded in Sciliy. At first we had auto insurance only with USAA. One year when our home insurance came up for renewal, the insurance company said we needed a new roof, even though it was replaced three years earlier. The insurance company sent anyone to look at the roof to know of its condition. Dad immediately called USAA and with only a phone call, our home was now protected by USAA. In 1978 I was commissioned into the Air Force, without hesitation my vehicle and rental insurance with USAA. Since that time I have not used anyother insurance but USAA for all of my needs. I have always found it interesting that when other insurance companies call me claiming that they can save me money; when they ask what company I presently have my insurance with and I say USAA, the response I get is "Thank you have a nice day" and they hang up. That tells me I must be with the best insurance, no one else can beat it. Not too long after I joined USAA, my sister was having trouble with insurance. I told her that she could join USAA, she said "I wasn't in the military". I told her "but Dad was and you that makes you eligible. So we are a USAA family from the desert of North Africa to Offutt Air Force Base.