I was stationed in Biloxi when Hurricane Katrina rolled through tearing up so many lives and shattering dreams of so many. As we went around the area during the aftermath, the destruction was massive and the recovery and cleanup was devastating. I surveyed my losses and found that, compared to others; I wasn't impacted badly at all. During the recovery effort and shortly after this disaster, USSA had representatives on the ground helping others. The Air Force setup a claim center on base. I went into the claims center to file my claim, as I walked into the huge open area where all of the claims adjusters were, I saw long lines in front of a couple of major insurance company’s tables. I found out that the majority of the other adjusters in that room were from USAA (I'd estimate around 100 adjusters in that room). The other insurance companies (major and minor ones) were overwhelmed with claims and their 1 or 2 adjusters couldn't keep up with the volume of claims that were pouring in. I found out that USAA adjusters started helping those other insurance companies’ customers that had been waiting hours and even days. They were helping them file their claims to the other insurance companies. I was so very impressed that they saw the need and helped people no matter whether they were their customers or not. I'll never have any other company handling my business. Thanks USAA for your compassion and caring for others. You not only helped others but you had my claim done and money to my family within days. Believe me, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Incredible! Sincerely, Bob