My husband and myself have been with usaa for about 3 years. We joined because we were having problems with our old bank and wanting to charge us overdraft fees all the time. So my dad recommended usaa to us.


I want to say this,


I have NEVER known a bank to be so committed to customer service before usaa. I am extremely happy and proud to say usaa is my bank of choice for my checking account as well as my first auto loan, auto insurance, and rental insurance. They have helped us through a major car accident in which our car was flipped a week after we got married and a break in at our old apartment in which they took everything of value.

I am trying real hard to join this company because their customer service is something I believe in.


Maybe one day.


Yes....USAA does well in many areas; however, beware with their rental car  coverage, as they will not provide you a rental car (even if you pay for the coverage on your policy) if your vehicle breaks down without the breakdown being related to a covered insurance claim ridiculous!!!  If you have a vehicle failure USAA WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU...YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.  I have been with USAA for nearly 15 years and my boss has been with them for over 25 years and they wouldn't provide him a rental when his vehicle broke down recently either.