Until a week ago I did not realize that I was even eligible for coverage thru USAA.  So after 14 year with Mercury I switched my coverage for my auto as well as my home to USAA. I am in my fortys and have never had an accident or speeding ticket in my life. Coverage is bound at midnight on 11/14 and at 630am on 11/15 on my way to work, out of nowhere, in the dark comes a giant  elk. Needless to say my car nearly totaled, USAA treated me as if I had been a valued customer for 60 years instead of just 6 hours. They repeatedly checked on me while I was in the hospital, made sure I had a rental in just minutes and handled my claim with such professionalism. Thank you USAA for all that you do.


How scary! I've never seen an elk in person, but I'd hate to meet one the way you did. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. As you mentioned, whether you've been a part of our family for six hours or 60 years, we're here to serve you! Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.