Just moved to Lackland TX and I'm looking for a good school for my 3rd and 6th grader

Just moved to Lackland TX and we are looking at homes to rent near Lackland in a good neighborhood. We also would like for our kids to go to a good school or even a private school. Any suggestions. Any very good subdivision.


Sorry to see I'm the first to reply. I you have not found a house yet, my family loved the Sea World area and the schools in that area are great. We acutally purchased a house in that area, some subdivisions are Sierra Springs, Westover Crossing. My son went to Bob Lewis Elementary the teachers were great! The main cross road would be 151/Potranco or 1604/Potranco. Good luck!
Anything in the sea world, culebra or potranco & 151 area. Stay away from area right off base, it's ghetto!!
I agree . . . anywhere near the Culebra area or 151 area is nice.