It is unbelievable how much this company has deteriorated

My first inkling of the problems with USAA occurred a year ago.  I paid in advance for two nights, but checked out after one.  USAA did not see fit to reverse the charge on my credit card.  They do not hesitate, however, to deactivate your credit card while you are on vacation, if they fear THEY will lose money to fraud.  Pro tip:  If you have given them your cell phone number, you will have to change it to a fictitious one to remove it from their records.  There is no "delete my cell number" functionality on the website.


All of this pales, however, in comparison to their behavior when required to pay an auto claim.  My son was hit by an insured motorist who admitted fault.  It defies logic that they chose to offer him $6k under Kelly Blue Book for his vehicle.  Additionally, when the dispute advanced, they chose to use an appraisal company that has been the subject of three class-action lawsuits in regard to their low valuations for vehicles.  Remember, USAA is not even liable, and they still act this unethically.  Can you imagine what they would do if they WERE liable?


We've been forced to retain an attorney to battle USAA, our own insurance company.  But hey, feel free to put your life's savings in one of their investment vehicles.  They're looking out for you!


They did good with someone stole my card number, but apparently there stop keeping The Customer as a priority, one time you sign in there forget about you. They're looking for you.
I'm going thru the fraud and stolen account now so far it's been three weeks and I can't do anything with my accounts but the thieves can I been watching money go in and out and have I got a call or anything nope. Nothing but my access cut off. See what happens this morning when I can again. Very disappointed...