It all started when.....

My insurance agent told me to never let another person "borrow" my insurance or he would terminate my through him. Well, I went car shopping later that year for a Ford Mustang Mach I and really wanted it. Of course I was disatisfied with my insurance being higher priced than I wanted it to be, so while I was at the dealership, I got a quote through USAA finally after the urging of military buddies and found out it was a whole lot cheaper than what I was currently paying. So I called my insurance agent and told him that I was gonna drop the insurance through him and go with USAA. It was one of the easiest insurance decisions I ever had to make and I am 100% satisfied with their continued excellence in quality/service! The only reason I waited so long is because I was under 25 and had not yet had 4 years of military service, so the rates were higher, but needless to say, I've been insured through USAA ever since and will never go to another insurance company especially after the Voelker law is being changed to benefit USAA and all of its members!
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