Is there anything USAA can't do?

I was young in high school when I both got married and joined the Marine Corps. When my husband and I (both Marines) finally situated ourselves off base, the cheapest auto insurance was USAA, it was the same company that his parents used and that he was on as a teen driver. We were in an auto accident right off base (not our fault) and luckily the 3 cars that were involved all had USAA. It made the process so easy to deal with. About 5 years ago a friend of mine told me about their banking and I joined up as soon as I could. Once I opened my kid's savings accounts, I had an agent call me and explain in great detail the different options to save for my kids. If I have questions about my policy or bank account they stay on the phone with me until I understand. I even had an agent on the phone with me for an hour and a half talking to a bill collector, who bounced a check when the funds were in my account. If I need a copy of my insurance they will fax it within 10 min. I have an application on my phone where I take a picture of a check, and they cash it right that second. I love you USAA! Thanks for all your service.
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