Is it just me, or has Aqua's service been falling off as of late?

I have been with USA for a few years now.  I have always been very happy, till lately at least.  These days, I cannot seem to get the same great customer service that I have been used to.  As a matter of fact, lately I have gotten no help at all each time I have called.  First, I set up a payment for a credit card that I had with them to pay it in full.  The next day, I logged onto my account, and it said that I had no pending payments.  I assumed that my payment was not completed, so I went ahead and paid the balance again.  Needless to say, they took my full payment twice.  When I called back, they said that they could not credit my overpayment back to my USAA checking account, but they would send me a check in 10 business days.  Really?!  They took about a half a second to take my payment, but to give it back it takes ten days?


Then, I called to get an insurance quote because I had switched to the General about a year ago because of a better premium.  They said that I could call back after some of my tickets fell off of my driving record from almost 5 years ago.  After about 45 minutes on hold, they told me that they could not get me any insurance at all!  My driving record has not changed since the last time I had a policy with them, but now they do not want my business at all. 


I am really starting to feel like I have put too many eggs in one basket with USAA.  I currently have one car loan, two checking accounts, one savings account, two credit cards, and two investment accounts with them.  I am seriously thinking about dropping all of them if this continues.   


Because of poor customer service and then lies told to me by a representative, I made a complaint with the NC Department of Insurance and am closing out 95% of my accounts.  I had insurance with them, loans, credit card, checking, saving and investments.  I have had bad service with several of them now.  I am not canceling my credit card because I have good credit and would give me a mark against my credit if I cancel.


I hate that robo answering service now.  I hate to call them.  It represents the poor customer service to me now.  I know what you are talking about.