After selling a car and buying two new ones, I received my insurance quote over the phone. I asked the representative numerous times to clarify what the final annual cost would be, especially since I knew I was approaching a renewal period. Now that the renewal period has come, I noticed the new annual cost increased nearly $1,000. Problem 1 - I never agreed to this amount as it was never given to me on the phone; Problem 2 - this seems like a highly abnormal annual increase, especially since there has been no change in my driving record.

The first representative I spoke with finally came to the conclusion that "this is simply the new annual rate." Not a good answer. Such a significant change requires a more detailed explanation. I asked for a supervisor, to which he answered none was available, but one would contact me in 24-48 hrs. After stating that this timeframe was not acceptable, a manager became available in about 5 minutes.

The resolution remains to be seen, but I will keep this post updated. To her credit, the manager did promise to research my account and to call me tomorrow.

I have already made the recommendation to others on several posts to utilize the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for these types of issues. This (along with switching companies) is precisely what I plan to do if the problem is not reasonably resolved.