I've been with USAA 42 years, insuring close to a dozen homes. We're moving again, and I requested a homeowners' policy quote.  I received a three page notice alerting me that USAA would be using a credit reporting service for the quote.  USAA has over 40 years of my insurance, banking and investment transactions with them (without a blemish) but decides to use a third party.  Go figure.


The larger USAA grows, the less competence its management and employees illustrate.


I likewise have been a USAA member for 42 years and have had a recent experience on a vehicle total loss in which the service was unacceptable from start to finish. Loyalty means something to me and it is very difficult to accept s-h-a-b-b-y treatment. I also wonder if USAA has gotten too big to keep in touch with the customer base.