I was disappointed to discover the USAA Life Insurance Company does not have the ability to transfer death benefit funds via ACH.  They are able to wire them for a $20.00 fee, mail a check, or make a deposit into a USAA bank account (may require opening one).  


That's incredible in today's world of commonplace internet ACH banking services.  Even more so considering USAA has been automatically collecting the premiums from our non-USAA bank account since 1992!  


I think it's time they obtain this basic funds transfer capability and not insult members with a $20.00 fee or accept the loss of interest while the check is in the mail!


USAA does not appear to have the membership at heart in this case which is what we have come to expect.  Not unlike other banks, this appears a ploy to hold onto the money as long as possible to our detriment.  

They tried to charge me to pay off a famiy members mortgage note with a wire charge and it was from one account to another within USAA!  I did eventually find a human being after substantial time and effort on my part.  There are good caring people there but there needs to be some chaff clearing now and again.