I feel like I have a dark cloud following wherever I go... I've been in a few car accidents, some at fault, some not. My most recent one, I was rearended and injured. I have been mostly usuing their conversation center for questions not of immediate concern, and I have to say, I am very impressed with their customer service. They paid for my claim, even when the other insurance company was resisting paying for the repairs to my car (despite having already claimed responsibility for it), and even waived my deductible! They treated me like a real person, and answered all my questions. Not once have I called in USAA with a complaint, and if they keep this up, I never will! Another situation, was when I had just gotten married, and I was trying to change my auto coverage to reflect that. Not only did they do this, but they insured that I had proper renter's insurance coverage to account for the increase of value on the things I had due to combining our funds and resources together. I am just astounded by the foresight the USAA has to help me out. I will remain a USAA member for life! Thank you so much!