We were victims of phising scam two weeks ago. Thanks to the USAA banking staff that caught fraudelent activity on my wife savings account. The criminals tried to ACH $5000 from our primary checking account but the ACH was reversed before it posted on USAA savings account. The problem we are currently having is accessing the saving accounts. For the last two week,s we have played phone tag with several incompetent people at the USAA fraud department. No one can give us a clear answer as to why we cannot access our savings account. It is so frustrating to talk to staffers who seems to have no clue how to resolve the issue. We have both had it with USAA savings and will be closing the account once someone allows us access. I have seen worse situations when dealing with banks....but this surely tops the list.


I have been going through the same bad experience.  It seems if  you report suspicious activity on YOUR account YOU become the target of the so-called "security dept.".  I have been attempting to regain access to all my accounts for 2 months and have been told the same thing "no one can do it" but one person who doesn't seem to exist at all.  He has no name, no direct line and is never at work. As of today I can't even access my account by phone anymore.  They have placed a cyber text lock on my account and I am expected to call and ask permission to get into my account every time I need to.  Not even their "IT" dept. can remove this lock either.  I am given no reason or solution to this problem.  All I can do is to keep calling and as soon as I can, close all my accounts and move them to a real bank.  So sad that USAA has fallen so far, it truly is.  BTW, the "security dept." is only "available" Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.  So much for constant security!