I am so fed up with USAA, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!! My advice to any members who read this is, "don't die, and close your accounts now!!"

My father, a retired fighter pilot, loyal member for over 60 years died in December and I am still dealing with the fall out!! My dad took great care before he died to make sure all his and my mom's affairs were in order etc... USAA has done nothing but make a mess of everything.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT depend on the survivor's benefit team to take care of anything correctly or give good information. Doesn't matter if the accounts are joint or not. Web bill pay will be stopped, bills will not be paid, insurance will be cancelled, don't even get me started about credit card services and the list goes on and on. If I hear one more apology I think I'll scream.

The insurance company and the banking company are separate and neither one knows what each other is doing! I can't imagine what my dad would think! He took such meticulous care of his affairs!!

If our armed services operated this incompetently we would be in a world of hurt!!


USAA has no idea what it means to serve!!!!


Closing all of our account!!!!!!


So sad. Can't imagine what you're going through. But I can believe it.
Insurance does not transcend death and would be canceled of course. Joint accounts should still be accessible and usable by the survivor. Bill pay should be usable with joint accounts from the survivors personal login. Sounds unusual to have a joint account with an adult child.