Recently we had some damage done to our car by a family friend. They asked to settle out of pocket to avoid the obvious. We obliged.  After searching for estimates we offered them the best from Craftsman Auto Body of Chantilly, with the understanding it was only an estimate and could go up or down. They agreed. So we got the car repaired and the final bill did go up, $400.  The friend then decided to go the insurance route.  Well, you know how that goes! Walk-ins are charged more than insurance claims!!  At first USAA only offered us the initial estimate and sent us a check.  But where were we going to get the other $400?  My 1-800 USAA Adjuster advised me to go back to the auto body shop and plead my case.  The Craftsman Auto Body Rep said they'd call USAA and see what they could do. They called a local USAA insurance rep, Mr. Dave Wine, and discussed the situation with him.  Mr. Wine wanted to talk to me directly.  He explained their side and I completely understood but appreciated him taking the time to talk to me.  Mr. Wine said he'd help me.....and so he did, with the kindness of Craftsman Auto Body.  Mr. Wine explained my situation to their accountant and with that, we received a check for $400.  Happy holidays to us!!  Thanks to the outstanding customer service by Dave Wine of USAA and Craftsman Auto Body of Chantilly.