It is cheaper to live in Florida than in South Carolina. I'm not sure which is cheaper, Texas or Florida? I lived in Texas for 6 years, that's pretty cheap, what drove me away from there was all that heat. Somone recently told me that the gas in Texas is like 45 cents? South Carolina is like perfect weather. I moved from Boston to get away from those brutal winters, never go back there. Looking forward to another chapter in Florida.




Best of luck to you on your move!

I lived in North Houston before. Its Ok, mosquitos dont bite like south Texas. I heard Florida is full of them. Not all of Texas has the horrible humidity the west side, the hill country is free from that. But it can get hot. Im in California now and weather is Spectacular. Only thing rent and gas is a pain. Were like 3 dollars a gallon and average rent for a house 2500.00 a month. Hope Florida is lfun.

I used to work in Leesburg.   It's okay, the school system is not the best and there are some areas you may not want to live in but overall i think you can find affordable housing and etc, just outside of leesburg.