In Uniform - in USAA

When I went to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio in January 1966 for the U.S. Army Medical Department Basic Training course for officers of the Medical Services Corps (MSC), I accepted an invitation to attend a Texas-style barbecue outing at the USAA building, along with many of my classmates. I had heard about USAA from my classmates and instructors at Ft. Sam Houston, so I decided to check out for myself the stories I had heard. I had Allstate auto insurance while I was a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, but I was so impressed by what I saw and heard from USAA personnel that evening, I signed up on the spot. Forty-four years later, I have never had cause to regret that decision, and I have "recruited" my married children to also become USAA members and policy holders. The policy service I have experienced over the past 44 years could not possibly be surpassed by any other company. By the way, I have also had my Homeowners and Personal Liability insurance with USAA for many years.
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