I'm not going to hold any punches here and I'm going to be the typical military grunt that I am instead of the guy with 142 IQ. But when a company says that they are going to follow through with something I expect the same type of courtesy which I give which is in fact honor and moral character.


Case in point # 1 A few weeks ago my wife goes to UPS store, which if you aren't new to this company, you know you can deposit checks and money orders through directly into your checking account. The clerk there deposits an $89.00 Money order to cover a bill as $890.00 this in turn gets all of my available funds frozen for 3 days causing my payment to default and me owing the bill company an extra $25.00 fee. I was told by USAA checking that the $89.00 would not freeze in my account and that they would honor any payments that tried to withdraw which they did not took me nearly an hour to fix this one.


Case in Point # 2 Owed $732.03 to Insurance and while I unfortunately allowed this due to bad financial decisions, I made the payment in a post dated check to clear on the 18th of this month I was assured it would not be processed before that date and the date on the check would be Honored. But of course not  morons for employees don't know the proper procedures and policies within their own company they cleared the check the day after it arrived on the 16th and it failed to clear, why because I only had $2.12 in my account because I was waiting on payday hence the post dated check. After this I call to find I have a $29.00 NSF Fee attached to my account and that my insurance is lapsing that day. After spending 1.5 hours of my precious time for which I don't get paid staying home taking care of my disabled Autistic 5 yr. old with two other Psychological Disorders as well I finally believed I had cleared things up. To only get online this morning and discover that my insurance is lapsing today and the Insurance Department of this fine establishment has tacked on an extra $25.00 fee for non-payment. After getting a representative online and re explaining my situation then being put on hold for nearly 20 minutes while he discussed my situation with his manager did it supposedly finally get taken care of.


The Cosmic Kick in the Head of the matter is in the final thoughts of this lengthy rant, I have Renter's Insurance through USAA for the Apartment I lease, of which the place in which we reside is owned by the company my wife happens to collect the only income in this entire household from. So I submit this quandary to USAA if my Insurance lapses instead of being fixed as I was promised, it would cause the company my wife works for whom is an additionally interested party on the policy to receive a notice of cancellation for non-payment and then my wife receives a pink slip and there goes an entire household income purely because of INCOMPETENCE. . .


Thanks USAA


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