we can connect with each other to get to know each other... THis is also an oppotunity for those who lost contact in the military... XXXXXXXX@gmail.com


Hi @lostloveme,

Welcome to the Community, we are so glad you are here!


Hope you find the connections you are looking for! I have removed your email address to protect your personal information, but other community users can feel free to comment here on the thread to connect or can send you a direct message!


Thanks for posting!

There is an organization online called Together We Served.  That's their purpose. Good luck and best wishes.

Hey, were you still looking for another member to talk to? Im 36 from Raleigh, NC and would love to talk.
Hello! I am a military supporter (child of & former spouse of) and would like a "pen pal" if that's what you have in mind. Currently I am supporting an elderly parent and a launching child through their transitions. Please tell me about yourself. I hope you are well. Kind regards 🙂