I love everything USAA has to offer.. Glad I joined.. Next thing for me on the list is to invest ☺


hmmm.  to each their own.  


I just joined to get a quote on homeowners.  The quotes i received are much higher.  Even double and triple the different quotes i've gotten for an Apple's to Apple's comparison of "All Perils".    (AllState,StateFarm, Granger, Cincinatti)


I figured maybe because they provide exceptional service so am checking reviews and consumer blogs.

Wow.  Just look at the gist of the comments:  slow, cheap, ineffective.  There are a lot of whiners but these are pretty compelling.   Even here on the USAA site the member posts are incredibly hostile, frustrated and left in terrible situations.


Certainly up to you to use the services, but from what i see, USAA would be an incredibly risky investment decision with little upside.  I don't see how an insurer can survive the lack of trust.   Then again, maybe the game plan is to collect the premiums and not pay the claims? 


Either way, I've gave it a look, and determined USAA isn't for me.

Moving on...



Thank you Paco1988! It is our privilege to serve you!!!! :)

Paco1988, just give it some more time. Your mind will be changed.