I am so glad for their support over the years even with insuring cars for myself and my daughters. It's the best relationship I ve had with a bank ever.


I am thinking about switching all of my banking to USAA but am reluctant to do so due to the large amount of comlaints I hyave seen here.  Anyone have good things to share? 

I have been with USAA since 1997 and have had mostly great experiences.  The have been blips over the years but not many.

We have tried to consolidate our total banking and insurance to two banks - USAA and a local credit union.  USAA has handled our vehicle loans, RV loan (well now but NOT when it was over 100K) , insurance for our vehicles and RV plus homeowner. 

My daughter was added to my policy back when we first started with USAA and now has her own policies for all her vehicles and home policy with USAA plus all her banking (she still keeps a local credit union account also).

In fact, since she used USAA for Realtor, Mortgage and insurance when she bought her home, we are now going though USAA for our new mortgage.  So far so good.  Since she was a first time homebuyer, they were very helpful and helped her and her husband each step of the way and the closing was very smooth.  I can only hope ours will go as smoothly.

USAA has an extremely LONG process to get a loan approval, mostly 3 time longer than other lenders.

USAA insurance has treated us very well and the prices have been ok.  (there are lower ones but thoses are usually "teaser" rates to get you to change for 6 months then jack up the rates on renewal)

USAA accident process is fair and was pretty responsive.  I liked that I could pick my own qualified repair faciility and tow truck.

USAA banking has really been great for us.  We have used just about all aspects of the banking and had very few problems. 

There are hiccups.  It hasn't been all rosy (like many years ago we were looking at home refi for over a 2% reduction on interest of our existing home (at the time) and, acccording to them, we weren't qualified to be in our home.  We weren't "cashing out", we just wanted to roll the existing loan payoff into a new loan with us paying the new loan fees in cash.  Hurt our feelings enough that now 16 years later we have just now considered them for our new home mortgage.  

Banking issues are everwhere.  I hear so many complaints on this bank or that one and USAA isn't immune.  It doesn't work for all.  I had trouble at first not having a "bank" but a computer keyboard - how things have changed!  I still keep my brick and mortor Credit Union.  They have a coin machine, real people and a fast drive through.