I have been a member of USAA for 20 years and highly recommend USAA

I became a member of USAA under my mother who was an officer in the Navy many years ago. and was proud to be part of a company that stood for our vlaues as a country and as a military.

i have had excellent service with my auto insurance. I had an accident and USAA was with me all the way making it easy for me to file and have my paymets sent.

I have also had and brag about the "excellet customer service I have received each and every time I call"


I have a credit card that is my staple card. Low interest rate easy pay methods. Love my high flying eagle.



The only thing that I was not happy with and I am sure out of the companies control was the Home owners insurance I would still have a policy of not for the following reason:

Before 2004 I had home owners insurance with USAA however due to the florida hurricane experiences they no longer write policies.

( I had actually cancelled to move but wanted  to reinstate my policy two weeks later but unfortunately was not able to because it was cancelled not transferred. I did not know this and was never informed)


Great experience with USAA. I'm a long time member also. I do have a major issue though and that is with USAA's travel insurance partner - Travel Insured International.

I had to cancel a recent cruise as I was diagnosed with lung cancer and needed to start treatment immediately. I submitted a claim right after our original departure date. I submitted all the forms requested from the online info. Email in return was asking for more information - most of which I had already submitted, some not apparently relevant. It reminded me of the recent IRS scandal - asking for encylcopedic information as a delaying tactic.

So 5 months later, I'm still waiting for a settlement. They are waiting for a response from my cardiologist who I went to first and he referred me to others. The others, after several more tests and some weeks later, confirmed cancer. The onocolgist filled out the appropriate form for Travel Insured Intern. stating the problem and need for immediate treatment. Don't know why Travel need info from cardio - he doesn't even know I had cancer. Thus I view it as a delayiong tactic.

For travel insurance, I recommend some company other than Travel Insured. I've lodged a complaint with USAA too but haven't discoved how to do this at a high enough level to have an impact.

Bob, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. I'm truly sorry to hear of your diagnosis and hope this message finds you well. As far as your feedback regarding the travel insurance, we'll be sure to route this to the appropriate department for consideration. If you'd like to share additional details, you can use this link to get in contact with a representative via email.

I really like this forum. It provides insightful information for current USAA members.