I have been a USAA member for about 8 years now.  Until 2014 the customer service has been great, but this year I have received the rudest most worthless service.  I am currently looking to move all my account away from USAA and find service elsewhere.  

I decided to purchase my first home! Since I have everything through USAA, I decided I will use my VA loan and go through them.  After being pre-approved, they sent to their movers advantage program (a complete waste of time).  I was immediately disconnected and received nothing.  Two days later a receive a phone call from a random phone number with no identification asking for a petty officer *%^&^#$ and started asking me personal questions about my credit and where I am looking to buy a house.  I hung up and called USAA to see if the call came from them, and sure enough this was the mover advantage program.  This program is supposed to set you up with knowledgeable real estate agents and offer a cash back option for using one of the programs agents.  The agent they set me up with was a complete waste of time, and as soon as she finished showing me houses and then didn't return my emails for a complete month I informed her and USAA that I would not be using their program and was already under contract with my own agent.

Later during my drive across Texas for my new job, my car had two windows broken and a backpack with my laptop and cycling shoes stolen from a hotel parking lot.  The USAA customer service and automated system was so frustrating I could not even talk to a person to file the claim and add a police report.  The Houston PD showed up before I made it through hours of uselessness and 14 calls to the automated system; sending me to credit cards, or term life insurance, or anything but somebody who could accomplish and auto and theft claim for my policy.  The next day I finally reached a manager and started complaining about the system and USAA's lack of customer service.  I was them directed to an auto glass shop in Galveston.  After the glass shop scheduled me for the next day repair, I was ready to take my car in and received a phone call that the glass shop was unable to get my glass, and would not EVER be able to get the glass for my car.  So here I am with car missing windows, in the freezing rainy weather that never happens on the gulf coast of Texas, and I am so aggravated with USAA and their lack of customer service, I couldn't care less about the damage to my suede Recaro racing seats or the rest of my car, I just want someone to answer one question.  WHEN DID USAA START TO SUCK SO BAD?  I finally went to a dealership to ensure that they still made the glass for my two broken windows.  And they recommended me to a different glass shop by the same name as the first, just in a different city.  I took my car in and USAA said they would pay the glass shop and all I would have to do was pay my $100 deductible.  I paid my $100 and about 3 weeks later USAA paid me instead of the glass shop.  I had call USAA again and speak with the manager that was supposedly running things and find out why they were depositing the money into my account instead of paying the glass shop.  UNACCEPTABLE…

During this fiasco I was also informed, by another random 800 number, that my credit card was involved in the Target, scam, fraud, leak, deal.  So I was sent a replacement credit card to the address I had just packed up and left, I guess that is my fault for not having a new address before leaving the old one, but come on I’m driving across the country and kind of need my credit card to work. 

And, last week I tried to get homeowners insurance for the house I am currently under contract to purchase, and USAA screwed me again.  I was told everything was done and gave the guy on the phone the fax number for my mortgage company.  But today the mortgage company left me a message stating they still need the insurance documents.  So after being place on hold for a half hour drive home from work, I finally had to hang up and call again and request a manager to solve this issue.  The manager was able to tell me why the forms were not faxed, but the issue just made me HATE USAA even more.  Supposedly there was a form I need to sign electronically on their website.  But when I was told this and logged in the website there is just a pdf that I can print and fax or mail back to USAA, not an electronic document to electronically sign like the message/email/representative/manager all told me.  The representative had me log into website again and start the quote over and try and purchase it that way, but when I do this I just get an error stating I cannot continue and need to call the 800 number, who was already on the line. 

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!