I don't understand why everyone likes this company

USAA is so frustrating to me and I live in a town where they are located. Their technology messes up all of the time. Every bank has mobile deposits and they actually work. Every bank is easier to access with fewer fees and better products. We have been a member for 8 years and I think it is time to change. 


At the moment, I am so annoyed with trying to activate a credit card that I can't seem to get to go through. I am so annoyed with the mobile deposit that NEVER works. I have tried to deposit 4 checks this week. None of them are going through because they cannot read the numbers. I used the same phone to deposit into my other bank and it worked the first time. 


Don't get the hype of this joke of a bank. 


I have never had any issues like you describe. I deposit at mobile all the time with ease. And what fees? Activating a credit card is as easy as calling a toll free number or clicking a link online. It's really the best mobile app and bank I've ever banked with - loyal customer for nearly 10 years. ;-)
If you can't get mobile deposit to work, then the problem is with your camera or lighting. I have no problems with mobile deposit. I have no idea what fees you are referring to, but USAA is a way better deal than all the mega-monopoly banks out there. Good luck finding something better.
I've been a USAA member since the mid-80s. Have never experienced anything like you describe. Have lived all over the world (currently in the UK) and this is the best run, easiest to use bank ever. Have used my cards all over the world, even Central Asia and former Eastern block countries without any issues. When my card numbers were stolen, USAA was right on it, new cards, cash reimbursement. I think they deserve all the hype the get and more!

Never have bad a problem USAA. Everything is easy. Maybe your one of those that have ad camera on phone.


Member since 1990. Banking, Insurance, Investments. ALWAYS very satisfied. When Typhoon Omar hit Guam in 1992, they had people on the ground there in 2-3 days, writing checks. Got one myself. Lived in Europe, Asia, several States. I always get to talk to a friendly, well-trained PERSON when I need assistance. No complaints at all.