Military families: DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ADT! They do not respect the military clause.  I would rather live without locks than do business with ADT again.

When it came to for my husband and I to PCS, I called ADT, spent an hour on the phone with them and was transferred at least 10 times.  Finally, they instructed me to fax them a cancellation request along with a copy of my husband's orders. Went to Staples, sent the fax, tried to call to confirm it was received, "Oh, that's processed by another department." Three days later, I had a massive charge from ADT on my credit card.  I called them, they said that it was normal and it was being processed by the refund department. They assured me it would be removed in 10 business days.  Well, 10 business days later, the charge was still on my card.  I called my credit card company, to verify that there were no pending refunds, and of course, there weren't, so I called ADT again.  I was told to give it more time, it was still being processed.

Meanwhile, I called my credit card company and gave them the information and filed a disputed. They ruled in my favor and removed the charge from my account.  I checked my ADT account several times over the next week or two and it didn't look like there were any problems.

Over a month later, I got a notice from ADT that my payment of the massive cancellation fee was denied by my bank, and the payment did not go through.  The next day I received a letter from a collection agency.  I have now sent copies of my husband's order to ADT 3 times, and now I'm having to send a copy to the collection agency.

Every time I speak with ADT and they thank me for my family's service, I feel like it's a giant slap in the face! They do not respect our military, they have horrendous customer service, and they lack effective communication skills.  After several phone calls during the course of a month, no one could bother to tell me that they lost my husband's orders or there was any problem.   


I did research on ADT before I signed fup for service and heard nothing good about them so I went with another company. USAA should reconsider their affiliation with this company



Seems that Leese28 is not alone in their experience with ADT and that Lizinal may be on the right track with the suggestion for USAA to evaluate their affiliation with this company.


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Forewarned is Forearmed...




We'd like to know more about your situation, so we can get you in contact with a specialist. They'll be able to research your situation, record your feedback and determine how we can provide assistance. Please email your contact information and member number to and we'll reach out soon. 

We used ADT at our last location and had no trouble canceling due to a PCS. We called and were given an email address to send our orders and ADT did the rest. We are currently using ADT for monitoring at this location but it's through a local company that allows us to go month to month. This may be a better option for military families. ADT is a big company so even if you go through a different company, you may still be monitored by ADT.