I have just been informed that I cannot deposit cash into my account because there are no ATM's in Nevada that serves USAA. I have to buy a money order then deposit from my home. I am not happy!


Know what you mean. Love usaa but did open a small free account for cash deposits.
UPS locations take deposits for USAA.
Get a money order that has a routing number like the ones at Walmart. Then deposit it at the UPS store. It is instantly in your account.

If you want it to post immediately to your account, I agree wirh the money order and deposit at a UPS store. The other thing you could do is find a family member and have them write a personal check to you and you can deposit that as well through the UPS store. Just make sure they have the money in their account. You don't want their check bouncing. Have you also tried the mobile app on your phone where you get amoney order or check and use it for mobile deposit? At first I thought this would be a big problem as well, but it's actually really easy to do. Good Luck!!! Hope these help.

Agree with JJay33.  My husband is about to PCS from Hawaii to Arizona and we sold a ton of things recently.  We are planning to get a money order/cashier's check and then just deposit that instantly into our accoutn via the mobile app.

If you're able to wait a few days for the money to post, you can always mail the cash in.  I've done it in the past and the money usually posts in 4 or 5 days, less if the post service delivers fast.  Don't know if the postage/envelope exceeds the cost of making a money order.  But the post above about giving cash to a friend/family you trust who can write you a check seems the best solution without overhead costs.