I attended my first annual Members' Meeting Saturday

After 57 years of mostly very satisfied membership, I finally attended my first annual members' meeting on Saturday. I was glad to see and hear Chairman Lyles (a very good speaker) and CEO Robles (very sincere) and be with the USAA family and community - employees and members. Not so pleased with the substance of the meeting. Floor comments were heavy on member's problems (to be expected there) and on their perceived inablity to contact senior management on a meaningful level (very disappointing from USAA). While a member advisory board was present and introduced personnally, nothing was said that made me believe that the advisory board has any impact or effect on USAA policies, procedures or attitudes. Perhaps I read too much into "advisory". 

It was a good experience and I'm glad I attended. Takeaway message - USAA has grown and it's still my USAA, but it's time for catch-up on access, customer service and attitude.