I am moving to El Paso, TX and will be stationed at Ft. Bliss..

My husband and I will be moving to El Paso and we are from Oklahoma.. He graduates AIT in December so at the end of the year we will be moving there, but I was wondering if it is an okay place? We won't be living on base, but somewhere near there, we just don't want to get into a really bad neighborhood or be caught up in all the drug wars going on down there.. I was told that the farther north we live, the better off, does anyone have anything to say about this? Thanks, Haylee


Haylee: I just happened to grow up in El Paso and know this place well! As with any area, there are good and bad neighborhoods. El Paso has been named one of America's safest cities for several years. I'm not trying to minimize anything in this city or any other city for that matter, but I'm sure your unit will provide plenty of safety briefing info. The violence you read about is primarily across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. That said, I believe military have been restircted from traveling into Juarez since around January 2008. Here's a link to the El Paso Police Department Crime Statistics: http://www.ci.el-paso.tx.us/police/statsbycc.asp (You can click on the different zip codes and get an idea of what things look like.) The good news is that lots of great restaurants from Juarez have set up shop in El Paso! That means you can enjoy some of the best and authentic Mexican Food all over the city of El Paso. I know many El Pasoans travel to Dallas to watch the Cowboys or even to Phoenix to catch the Cardinals. Since there is no NFL Team in El Paso, a short hop on a plane or a 7 hour drive gets you there. WIthin the city limits, you have The UTEP Miners (The University of Texas at El Paso) who offer some exciting sporting events. You also have special events such as big name concerts, boxing matches, horsebck riding, rodeo, car racing, youth sports, and plenty of other activities in El Paso. It's all about what you make of it. You should get a Welcome Packet from your new unit that lists lots of things to do. El Paso is all about the people. You will meet lots of friendly people in this city. El Paso has lots of LIVE music, skiing in New Mexico only 2 hours away, mountains for hiking or biking, and most importantly, a strong respect and high support of the military! Hope this helps! I hope you both enjoy El Paso and congratulations on the completion of AIT! Sincerely, Charles "Chazz" Pratt III USAA Military Spouse Community GOING CIVILIAN Blog P.S. Don't forget to check out all the helpful information provided by the rest of the USAA Military Spouse Community Team! Wendy, Tara, and Briana have some great info here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_blogs/Community?action=communitymanagers&comm=milspouse
Thank you both!! The thought of moving somewhere so big compared to what we are used to will be a little uneasy at first! But having information like this really does help! I am really looking forward to moving down there and starting my life with my husband again! We are both young and all of this is new to us.. But like I said before, thank you so much!(:
My husband was stationed at Ft. Carson and had to work at Bliss for a lil over a year. He LOVES El Paso, and the people. He told me 2 days ago he wants to retire there. I'm not sold on the idea, but open to it. Yes there is crime, but it does come from Mexico, you also have that everywhere you go. It's hot in the summer, and nice in the winter...so that's a bonus.
My daughter and son in law just moved from there. He was injured in Afghanistan and was sent there for treatment. They were there about 5 months. Do not rent any apartments that are managed by Integrity Asset Management. They did and when they signed the lease they made sure there was a military clause. They explained that he was there for ongoing medical treatment and the apartment said no problem. On October 10th he informed the apartment complex that he was pretty sure he was being released from medical care and would be moving back to Fort Riley. He did not get his orders until the last few days of October. The apartment complex told them that they still owed all of November rent. My daughter was so upset because not only are they having the expense of moving back to Fort Riley but now they owe $700. This was not a PCS move since he was there for medical treatment. My husband is 20 years active duty Army so I know a little about moving. I called the apartment complex explained the situation, he is a wounded soldier, they gave 20+ days notice, why does he still owe!! I called the management company and explained the situation. The lady I spoke with actually said to me "Its not our problem, it's theirs." He's a wounded soldier there for treatment and it's not her problem!!!! She wouldn't have an apartment complex to run if not for all the wounded soldiers past, present, and future! No compassion whatsoever and not one ounce of gratitude for our military families and our sacrifices!!!
Haylee, I also grew up in El Paso and my famiy still lives there. I am partial to the Northeast as that is where I grew up and my family still lives. It is very different from Oklahoma and contrary to popular belief it does get cold in the desert. I believe any place is what you make of it. There are good and bad places everywhere, as well as crime. Post housing is all new and absolutely gorgeous, I have many friends living on post and they love it. Off-post I would say the Northeast. Be prepared for major traffic especially during the peak hours but there are many side roads that will help eliminate your wait time. Good luck and make sure to go to Chico's Taco's it is the best!!
If he is graduating from AIT that would would that he's a lower enlisted Soldier. If that is the case and I were you then the best thing for you to do is to live on post if housing is available. I was stationed on Bliss way back in the day and I loved it. It's all in what you make it. Mexico is off limits and has been for many years. Make sure you go to the White Sands monument, and over to New Mexico (Las Cruses) is a short drive down I-10. When I was there, most people lived on the West Side but El Paso has expanded a great deal that living North isn't bad either.
We have been stationed at Fort Bliss for the past 3 years. I have grown to like the city very much. I was also worried about the crime but have felt very safe here. There are many soldiers that call the Far East portion of El Paso home. Nice schools and newer houses.Good luck with your move, any city has it's pros and cons but it can be what you make it.
Haylee, It all depends on the block you decide to live on. El Paso is that diverse. I grew up here, and am now stationed here. Newer homes are predominatley on the east-side. You'll hear about the east-side when you arrive. Look up the "Tierras", you'll see what I mean. Don't be afraid to live off post... however, if you really want to, you can live in gov't housing until your more established and knowledgable about army life.