I have been a member for over ten years and have not had any issues with USAA wether it's with my insurance or investing. After reading some of the other members stories I feel fortunate.




You have to remember that the stories posted on here are just one side.  In some cases, folks have a genuine grip, but in most, they just don't understand how the system actually works or it is a problem they themselves created.


If you want to get a better picture of the issues with USAA, read the Better Business Bureau complaints.  At least with those you can see USAA's response (the other side of the story).

USAA, is a top notch company... I never had a bad experience with them either.. sometimes things go the way people don't want them to, so they point the finger or do the blame game... people need to remember this is a business and have guidelines to follow just like any legal business... I always give USAA kodos for the great job they do...

Dear Rock,

Thank you for your ten year membership and kind words! We truly appreciate it!