On about 10 July 2013 I was Pre-Approved for MY FIRST mortgage loan through USAA which I was super excited about since I had worked my whole military career fixing my credit to be eligible.

  Well me and my children's mother found the perfect home for our family which was a steal of a deal at $75,000 dollars. We placed a offer and it was accepted (26 Aug 2013). We contacted USAA and was assigned a mortgage processor to gather all the information needed in order to get the loan approved with a closing date of 11 Oct 2013.

  All my information had been on file and was collected in a timely as requested. On 8 Oct 2013 three days prior to closing my loan was denied. I was told that "The verification of employment form that my company filled out had my pay as being to low in order to qualify for this loan". The supervisor at USAA even tried to push the loan through after talking with me and saying " The only problem is that your VOE states that you don't make enough".  Now I must admit that my company DID make a mistake and placed the incorrect amount on my VOE stating that I made about 5K a month when my pay stubs say 9K a month. After my company fixed that error I had my children's mother contacted USAA to fax and or email the new VOE to my mortgage processor and get the loan approved. The new VOE stated the correct amount of pay and everything...That same supervisor who tried to get my mortgage loan processed when it said that I make 5K a month now decides to tell my children's mother that "cont."