I became a member at age 11, am now 39. I've always been thankful to USAA, with which I'm able to affiliate because of my deceased father's service in the USAF. I've checking, savings, IRA, credit card & insurance accts and have encouraged family to use everything available.

Times are difficult. I'm on disability and have been for more than two years. I am not delinquent or in any way in violation of the terms of my accounts or membership.

I turned to USAA to see if they might be able to help me deal with the challenges I face. I was referred to collections. Full stop.

My sadness is real. I really thought USAA was different. Perhaps this was just a bad seed. Again, collections is where I DON'T want to and need not go since I've been ok up until now. Thanks USAA. I reached out and you slapped me back where I belong(?).


Sorry to hear you couldn't get any help. Call back and speak to supervisor. Not sure if it will help but you can see. Also, maybe speak to one of the financial advisors. Maybe consolidating would help lower your monthly payment which hopefully would help. Good luck with everything!
I wouldn't judge the whole organization by one, or even two, personal interactions. Keep calling till you get a decision-maker (agree with @CathM3). Disability is tough... Not only must one deal with the physical/mental/emotional aspects, but also the economic and social challenges. These struggles are not made any easier when we encounter ignorance, intolerance, or outright discrimination. Of course, everyone must pay their bills, and that said... Some people/companies are more flexible than others when it comes to arrangements and schedules. Don't give up - fully explore all options and don't take anything personally (easier said than done, I know, but makes life much easier).

i really appeciate your support, and more important, your belief that it can get better. hearty thanks.