WHen my wife and I retired this year we went to USAA for supplemental insurance.  The Part B supplement is pretty good, but USAA reccomends Hummana as the prescription plan of choice.  We were in a hurry to meet our deadline so we went with Humanna.  It is our fault for not checking them out first, but we have trusted USAA for many years.  We were very dissapointed when we started dealing with them and then we looked up the plans.  They are rated at the bottom of most supplemental plans.  There are hundreds of complaints about service and coverage. It is interesting how little they cover.  Every presciption my Dr has given me so far is a drug that they don't cover at any price,  I have had to either pay full price or just discard it.  I am not talking about my deductable first, they won't cover it at any point.  So what good are they.  The people I talk to at Hummana are aloof and don't care.  I am really dissapointed in the recommendation from USAA.  I will not be on the plan come next year.  I won't get fooled by you all again.