How do we file a grievance thru the USAA portal

IN 2021 it seems that USAA is not interested in transparent communications with facts assocaited no matter what you pay or how long you have been a member.  

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@ClaimsFiler, please know we do value transparency and your membership. Can you share a little more about your situation? Thank you. -Cynthia


   I totally feel for you. USAA began advertising and they turned into just another organization preying on their members. Search my member name and you'll see that I've been venting on the topic for 6 years. Congrats on taking the step to move your business to somebody who cares--I've moved most, just can't bear to do the work setting up a new bill-pay will take.

I'm a 37 year member. I don't recall exactly when it began, but in the past few years USAA had a great idea: exploit the inherent prestige of the member base for avarice and profit, both economic and political. It really has snowballed in the last year with the ascension of the new CEO, Wayne Peacock (the 1st with no history of military service). I've bailed out of USAA except for a handful of accounts I need to maintain associated with small charities my wife and I run; no regrets.

email#2 sent to CEO's

So I spoke with Lora ext [removed sensitive data] yesterday. She has been assigned to investigate the matter we have with Sue Stapleton at USAA. When Lora called she seemed un prepared to have a conversation or even a desire to hear our concerns. She said she was to complete her investigation in 5-7days. My wife and I had to get her to pause a little to consider hearing our side. Reminded my wife and I of the pencil whipped 15-6 investigations in Iraq and Afghanistan for senior level people.?

What we learned on this phone call, was that, Not only did Sue Stapleton non renew our umbrella policy (end of FEB21), after our phone call with Sue Stapleton were Sue hung up on us, Ms Sue, decided it was best to non renew our auto policy (end of MAR21).

As a sanity check, I reached out to my friends and family still on active duty and retired over facebook. Out of 45 people that responded, NOT one person had a kind word about USAA.?

So again, after 20yrs of membership with USAA, we are at an impasse here. I’m a numbers guy, so here is a parting comment. My wife and I have paid about $48k in policy’s/premiums with USAA in just the last 4yrs. USAA has paid out roughly $7k in those 4+ yrs. I would say that is an excellent return on USAA’s return on investment. Wish I could find investments that pay that.

Joe & Joy Young

email#3 sent to CEO's

Lara’s (ext [removed sensitive data]) investigation has concluded with a reversal of Sue Stapletons decision to non-renew not only the umbrella policy, but also the auto policy.

Ms sue definitely displayed her true colors when she decided to non-renew our auto policy the day following our pointed phone call conversation about the umbrella policy. The unfounded suspension of my driver’s license was the only reason listed on the auto policy non-renewal. Regardless, Her personal hurt feeling vendetta to show us how powerful she is under usaa is almost humorous. What we also learned is that ms sue was making judgement calls based on my adopted teenager (19) son Mayson who we took in because he was homeless during the COVID pandemic. Ms sue was also making judgement calls based on my mom and dad living here with us. Both of these topics have been reviewed with usaa months ago ….on a previous call/calls, and forward addresses provided, and back stories provided. But the fact that these other issues/ risks were a consideration/ decision points to continue to provide coverage is once again staggering. In short, USAA is going to count it against you if you provide care or a helping hand for aging parents or adopt kids/teenagers…got it! Good to know that my integrity and my wife’s integrity is considered NON Existent with our 20yrs of membership & our 20+ yrs of service to our Nation. Good to know a moral compass does not exist inside usaa anymore these days! Sounds like a story for Fox news!

Lara offered her apologies on behalf of usaa after explaining that she was reversing sue stapletons decisions. What we stated to her is that we (MAJ & MAJ Joy & Joe Young) want a signed apology from sue stapleton. She is the manager/leader within usaa that needlessly spun my wife and I up on decisions made based on assumptions and forced our focus from recovering from being bed ridden over the last 30+ days to focusing on finding coverage elsewhere. ( some local folks here in Idaho)

In the spirit of leadership, and not just complaining about a problem without offering solutions, I also extended to Lara some lessons learned (AAR comments) on how usaa can do better (Leadership/Management/Collaboration, IT infrastructure, platforms & capabilities). USAA has had these issues for years, but since you spun us up enough to pull the pin on this grenade, I thought maybe you can use it to be better.

USAA has a failed top management group in-place. Treating so called "members" with such disrespect is just stupefying and unprincipled. Best wishes and concern for the pain imposed on this customer. 

Hello @pinetree, I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

here is a copy of the email I just sent off to the CEO's (Vickey Bonney & Wayne Peacock)


Forgive the chain of command giant leap here, as I have exhausted my attempts for resolution. The USAA website/verbal/limited email messaging system severely lacks viable avenues to solve problems between members and usaa reps/managers, and I cant help but wonder why? Does USAA no longer feel that it is accountable to its service members? Doesn’t USAA guarantee coverage to all service members who complete honorable service? That’s what the commercials say? My Great Uncle Red Trader did commercials for USAA, and as a young E1 onto the commission ranks, he assured me USAA was the only choice when serving.

I have spent the last month caring for my bed ridden sick wife so I’m exhausted and now irritated by this insult to our 20+ yrs. of valued membership and selfless service to our country. My wife and I are retired. Two combat vets put out to pasture trying to enjoy our retirement with piece of mind. With that we have been blindsided by USAA’s underwriting department (Sue xxxx) for no factual reason. I finally was given an audience with Sue xxxx today after trying to chase her down between her half day schedules over the last 10 days. I had the phone on speaker so my wife could listen and respond in kind.

BLUF- she was unprofessional and has clearly lost sight of USAA’s motto “ we serve others that have served”. She refused to provide a copy of a document she already had in her possession. She refused to provide the name of her manager when requested, and refused to forward the call to either the resolution department or to her manager. She told us it’s not her job to follow up and verify data received from other agencies regarding my household. Evidently she does not care enough to spend an extra minute or two extra to verify information that impacts two disabled veterans and their family.
-She has no idea how to handle a candid conversation without calling it adversarial.
-She should be replaced due to her lack of professionalisms and her inability to handle to hard questions.
-She seems to be banking on the fact that her significant other has 42 years of service and she is entitled to that person’s service and dedication.

I’m not sure if this email will merit your time, but if it does, you are welcome to give us a call. Otherwise, my wife and I will be closing all our accounts (small potatoes I’m sure to you) and taking our business to the little guys here in Idaho. We have always been able with straight face that USAA, was the lesser evil amongst banks and insurance companies, however it seems that USAA is not willing to do what is necessary to stand test of time.

Joe & Joy Young
[removed sensitive data]


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@Mighty-Joe Young, first of all I would like to thank you and your spouse for your service and membership. I am sorry to his this has been your service experience. I am escalating your situation so that we may have an opportunity to review further and address your concerns. Once reviewed someone will reach out to you directly. Thank you. -Cynthia 

ok. This should be intersting. What is even more troubling was the time required to search for and find a link or be forwarded to someone on the phone to outlines " the process" to resolve problems in any department, and if need be, escalate. Your secure messaging has very limited options and doesnt cover every department. Even more unsettling, is that fact that I have verbally asked for a / the resolution department manager/supervisor to escalte the issue once already on the phone, and the manager would not come onto the phone, would only relay to the usaa rep that answered the phone half asleeep, that I could only talk to ms Sue in the underwriting department because ONLY she could take my call. Not sure how any checks and balances are in place here, but it seems that ms sue seems to have a reputation that no one wants to cross her. She sure seemed entitled or maybe "privalged" to my wife and I, and very confident that she doesnt answer to lowly USAA members questions. Once again very disturbing. I did forward the proof of my claims thru the uSAA portal, however it is unclear how its routed or if anyone will acknowledge getting it in the near future. The issue at hand is a simple problem that most E5's or 0-1's could work thru with a candid conversation....but that would require USAAs rep to actually be transparent and care about its members...IN EVERY STAGE OF THEIR LIFE!