Vegas Broker

I am serching for that all American small town to relocate.  I want to hear about yours? If you live under 50,000 people.  What do like best and least?  Please rate.  How healthy is the community? And, how far is it from a major airport.   Thank you for sharing. 



Best of luck on your search @Vegas Broker!


This site ranks small towns and their advantages and affordability! I am partial to this list since they mention Hanford, CA near our current duty station! I can't wait to see where other members recommend!

Vegas Broker,

I see you are supposedly a Coast Guard Mom. What about your husband and children? How would your relocation affect them? What are their priorities? What’s best for them? What would they like you to do?

If you’re retired would you like to be close to one of your children so maybe they can help you in your senior years or maybe be close to a military base for the benefits?

Do you like the beach or mountains? Do you like a warm climate or a cold climate? And most small towns aren’t close to a major airport.

When it was time for me to relocate the last consideration was what worked for a bunch of strangers.

I'm an East Coast fan all day, so I'm partial to this side of the Mississippi. However, I love anyplace near the mountains in Tennessee. It's beautiful country out there and youre usually not too far from anything busy if you wanted to head into a more populated place on the weekends. I also loved visiting New Hampshire. Theres a town called Portsmouth - which is a bit bigger than what youre looking for - but there are smaller towns near there that are absolutely beautiful. I'd encourage you to check it out!