Hospital Corpsman, WAVE marries Lieutenant. Helicopter Pilot

During Viet Nam, enlisted were not supposed to 'fraternize' with officers, but Lt. said, "When I saw you, I knew I was with the wrong girl." We met at a Serviceman's Christian Center picnic off base, later married. As a USAA member, my Lt. brought me on-board with USAA and it has been the best bank I've ever known, especially now that I am my husband's full-time caregiver and have assumed full responsibility for finances. USAA is always available for my business hours questions by phone; the internet resources are outstanding, available 24/7. Our children and their spouses have gladly joined USAA. Now the grandchildren are here and can benefit from this wonderful, caring and friendly financial staff, too. Do you have a program for children, teaching them money management under parents' guidance? Thank you, USAA.