I have a savings acct that was opened to get additional discounts on my auto insurance. I recently noticed that the acct quit earning interest. I called and spoke to a representative and she took 20 or so minutes going through old statements to indeed find out the acct wasn't earning interest. I asked for a supervisor, was put on hold (again) only for her to let me know that there wasn't one, but she had found another associate, they did the same thing and came back with the plan to file some papers. The was after 45 mins. Two weeks later nothing had happened, called back again and STILL no supervisor, same story, don't know why this is not earning interest we will file the papers to see what is going on, could take up to 1 week. It has been over a month and nothing has been resolved and I have lost over a hour and a half of time. And have to call back again!!!


I have noticed that there serves has gone down hill. I stay with USAA for the People and knowlage they have. I hope this gets worked out.
I've had the same experience, more or less. They warn me in all caps and red when I log in that my savings account will be closed due to a $0 balance, but there's no minimum balance required on account. Took more than 2 hrs. Now same thing with checking...