I have been with USAA for over 14 years, and this is the first claim I have ever had with them to include vehicle insurance regarding an accident.  I have been lucky enough not to have any accidents since I have started driving, but now I have had a very unfortunate incident with my renter who decided to steal a large portion of my property and damage my house extensively, due to being evicted. I was a police officer for over 7 years so I know the judicial system, which is horrible and small claims court is a waste of time.  The one time I make a simple claim to USAA after all of these years of paying them so much money I do not get any assistance. USAA has not been returning my phone calls and or settling my claim in a reasonable amount of time, which was created on 01/01/2014.  The first adjuster personally knew the parents of my renter who also lived in the same town that we live in.  Let’s just say that adjustment was horrible and did not have any of the damage to my property and or any of my loss, which I had proof he took from his text messages to me.  USAA then sent a second adjuster per my request who did not live in my town and this adjuster completed her report and USAA continues to say that she has not done anything on her part.  It is unfortunate, but I am really thinking about pulling out from USAA and going with another company now, due to this once in a lifetime incident that has not been handled very fair at all on USAA’s side of the book.  Why do we pay insurance companies so much money for that one time occurrence when this multi million or even billion dollar company does not give us any assistance for a couple thousand dollars, which is a lot of money to me.  AMAZING customer service!!!! 


I filed a hail damage clam with USAA back in march of 2013 and they sent an adjuster out to my house that looked like he just got out of high school. He said that I had no hail damage, I asked if there was an umbrella on my roof because all my neighbors got new roofs for hail damage from a hail storm that came through but I guess it passed over my house. I am really disapointed in USAA, thinking about switching to a new company.