I deposit a money a week and USAA has it on hold for what. I don't know other who puts a moneyorder on hold its not a personal check. This cost me over draft fees for no reason. Once my money clears I'm done with USAA. THERE banking sucks it's bad enough that tellers aren't available but a moneyorder under $100 is unclear. Who cause there members over draft fees USAA?


I had something similar happen to me. I was told by a phone rep that is was my fault for having my electric bill automatically drafted from my account. As if I knew my money would be put on hold!
THEY have done this to me 2 times now. I have been a long time member. And have never ever had a hold on any check for any reason. Rep have told me it has to do with the federal Reserve I call bull Just give us our money. If they hold one more check Usaa will have 1 less member. And I will make sure everyone that I know knows how bad they have been these past few years
Same to me sucjs!!

Several years ago, I experienced a local credit union place a hold on a money order.  May be two seperate flukes or it may be banking policy that people rarely have come up.