There is a hold on a check in my account making my funds not available to pay bills.  I called and was told there is nothing they can do to help.  I call bull!@!@  The so called federal hold according to FDIC is placed by the bank not the government.  They want to make sure the check clears before they give me access to my funds.  The check they put on hold is from our boyscout troop for reimbursement of our previously spent funds.  Now I cant pay my bills and feed my four kids.  When I explained this to them was repeatedly told Sorry we cant help you!! I will be rethinking keeping my accounts here!!


I am experiencing this exact same issue. I just recently opened my account and my husband & I both had our paychecks direct deposited into our BofA account (which I would like to close). On Friday, I went to BofA's ATM & withdrew $. When I tried to locate a USAA partnered ATM via the app, no results were provided. I called USAA & was told the systems were down. The app also said I could transfer $ from any bank at no charge. I needed to pay bills so I deposited the $ back into BofA & did a transfer. It wasn't until AFTER the transfer that a notice popped up to tell me that my money would be held for 3-5 days. Now my money is tied up & I have no way to pay my bills. I called USAA & they refused to help. In fact, they confirmed that the $ will not be released until the full 5 days. They claim that it's because I'm a new customer. I'm thinking I'm better off as an old customer of my former bank. "No fee transfers" are worthless if I'm racking up past due fees because of a policy that USAA doesn't disclose before a transaction is placed.
I am in the same boat with depositing my payroll check and the funds being held for 11 days. now I cannot pay bills not to mention I've been a customer for over 6 years. this bank has gone down hill and customer service is a complete joke with laughing as they say its a new policy and a government requirement.
I agree with you, this is wrong. Because i transferred money from my non usaa account to this one, I got slapped with a 10 day hold and now am unable to pay rent or my car note. USA used to be amazing and i used to strongly recommend them to anyone, but now i can't even use my hard earned money to pay my bills? I will never use USAA again!!!!

Same thing is happening to me.  They keep holding checks for 10 days at a time.  The only answer they can give me is "this sometimes happends."  Ive switched to capital one!

I have been a member of USAA for 3 years, I have auto insurance, and AMEX card and a personal loan with this bank.  Last month I made a mobile deposit into this account  to cover my bills and it was put on hold for 10 days.

I tried the mobile deposit again this month and got the same results.


There should be some type of warning prior to accepting these deposits and then holding them hostage for almost 2 weeks!!!  This is no way to to treat veterans!   Looking for another bank!!!! 

I have just had my payroll check direct deposited into my husband and I's joint acct. Please note this is our only acct. There is a hold on our funds that is causing us to be late on making our pymnts for bills. I can understand a bank holding funds from a smaller company, but I work for a large fortune 500 company. Well the number 14 to be exact. Its not like they need to wait to make sure that the check will have the funds to clear... obviously they will. Will these holds continue? Or is there some way to circumvent these?