I have been with USAA for a while and have several accounts with them. I told my daughter to also join and close her other accounts because my experience with them was great. Well, she finally has a good job and wanted to get " her own loan" so that she could purchase a car. I felt USAA was the perfect fit since we both were under the same "umbrella" but no. They denied her told her they would send her the reason in the mail no other explanation was given. How are our kids supposed to get a break and allow them to be self sufficient if they are not give a chance. I was disappointed on their service, I expected more. Nonetheless like other members I have talk to, they too have experienced this and more Too bad. I bragged so much guess it's time to stop bragging


What was the reason for denial ?

Still haven't gotten anything in the mail.....so we dont know.  I went ahead and gave her my car; she is still looking and will "never go (she said) with USAA with anything again".......since her boyfriend is a US Marine; my father is US Army and my godson is US AirForce; her feelings might spread..............I guess things will change with time.....................